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Things to Consider When Choosing Country Clubs in Scottsdale AZ


Golf is one of the popular sports all over the world. It is also considered one of the most expensive and sophisticated sports today. From the clubs to the other golf apparels, it cost more than what athletes would spend for most sports. And unless you are playing in those mini-golf courses on malls and commercial centers, you will be paying premium just to play the sport as golf courses are expensive even for those with limited facilities. For those living in Scottsdale AZ, they are lucky as there are multiple country clubs available. This provides them great options on the country club they want to use to play the sport. Here are the things to consider when choosing country clubs in Scottsdale AZ.


1.  Location - It would be cost-efficient to consider those country clubs near you. This way you can save for the gas and have more funds to buy golf apparels or pay for using the scottsdale private golf courses. Although you need to consider the location, it does not mean you need to endure a poor condition country club near you. You can consider those near your area if you are not satisfied with the nearest country club.


2.  Course size - Some country clubs have a few acres of golf course while others have more than that. If you want to play without feeling congested in the golf course, consider those country clubs with a very wide golf course. You can definitely have a great time even during the days when there are a lot of people in the golf course.


3.  Privacy - Some scottsdale private golf courses allow one-time use while others are only exclusive for their members. If you are comfortable sharing the golf course with strangers aside from the members of the country club, you can choose those semi-private country clubs. However, if you want some privacy, it is better to become a member on those private country clubs.


4.  Membership - The membership policy of each country club is different. Some have strict requirements with expensive membership fee and monthly fee. Others are cheaper and easier to get in. Choose a country club which you can conveniently become a member and will not break your bank.


5.  Facilities and equipment - As mentioned, there are country clubs with limited facilities and equipment. However, there are premium country clubs with facilities including golf carts, gym and even those facilities of that you can find in a resort.


Once you considered all these, you can get the best country club in Scottsdale AZ suitable for you.